Seafood Christmas Canapés

The party season is officially upon us! Whether you’re hosting, helping or simply after a few fancy snacks, canapés are a great way to keep people fed and happy without having to slave away at a whole meal. Here are our five favourite fishy amuse bouches dressed to impress with our fresh, Cornish and smoked quality seafood!

seafood Christmas Canape smoked haddock tartare

These smoked haddock crostinis are deliciously easy, but show off an incredible pairing of flavours. With parsley, mustard and cucumber, these canapés are sure to impress – but the flavour of our award winning smoked haddock is sure to steal the show.

cornish fresh crab pink grapefruit mayonnaise

Pair the delicate flavour of fresh Cornish crab meat with the bite of ripe pink grapefruit for a unique and sophisticated seafood canapé. Simply mix the crab meat with mayonnaise, cayenne pepper, parsley and reduced grapefruit, and spread onto wholemeal toast, adding some fresh grapefruit on top for a punch of colour.

salmon gravlax with horseradish christmas canape recipe

Why not try a classic salmon gravlax served onto horseradish sauce on a rye bread, and enjoy traditional flavours with a modern twist. This canapé takes a bit of care to get right, but is worth the effort – and with quality salmon is sure to impress!

prawns in amaretto canape


For a real taste of luxury, give these king prawns in amaretto cream a go! Flambéed in liquor with cream added to give a thick and velvety texture, these prawns have a strong and moreish flavour – make sure you make enough to go round as you can guarantee they’ll get peoples’ attention!

tempura and filo prawns christmas canape

If you’re really after fuss-free this festive season, why not try our frozen king prawns in either tempura batter or filo pastry? Simply cook them in the oven, and serve with a garlic lemon mayonnaise or sweet chilli sauce and enjoy a hassle free, full flavoured tray of canapés!

For more inspiration, visit our Festive Party Nibbles page to complete your Christmas canapés!