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The Cornish fishmonger is proud to support Cornwall Good Seafood Guide, a project led by Cornwall Wildlife Trust which educates the public about seafood sustainability and helps us all make good seafood choices.


Our founder Rob Wing has been involved with the project since its inception and is a member of their Independent Advisory Board helping develop and steer the project.


Our website contains a huge amount of useful information on over 60 species of seafood landed to Cornish ports and the 13 different methods of fishing currently used in Cornish waters. The complex issue of seafood sustainability is explained in a way that is very easy to understand. And using the same methodology as the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide rates fish on a sustainability scale 1 (best) to 5 (worst). Scores of 1, 2 and 3 are recommended as sustainable.


This trusted, fact-based system is totally independent of the fishing industry and it helps to highlight the great work that our fishermen and fisheries managers have done to ensure that fishing is sustainable, whist incentivising continued improvement.


We agree with the ethos of Cornwall Good Seafood guide that Cornwall should be leading the way in environmental sustainability of its fishing industry so that we minimize our impact and ensure plentiful stocks of fish for future generations to enjoy.

Please visit the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide to learn more.




The secret of great seafood cooking is to buy the best fish in season. Eating seasonal fish means the fish are abundant, great quality and often cheaper. It also helps sustain healthy fish stocks.

We’re committed to helping improve the health of Cornish and British fish stocks so we listen to the scientists when they advise that a local, wild stock needs a break from fishing. In these instances we source a more sustainable version of that species for you either from a farmed supplier or from further afield where the wild stocks are sustainable and abundant (we’ll always make that clear on our website before you buy though). For example Cornish cod stocks currently need time away from fishing to recover so we supply North Atlantic cod which are an abundant, healthy and sustainable fish stock.

Farmed seafood often gets a bad rep but it can be a highly sustainable source of fish. We only source farmed seafood from suppliers that have very high welfare standards. For example our Cornish mussels are rope farmed in the Fowey estuary in Cornwall. Not only are they delicious (they won a Great Taste Award in 2020) but in 2018 they became the UK’s first Soil Association certified ‘Organic’ mussel farm too.



From donating to the Fishermen’s Mission to our partnership with the National Lobster Hatchery in Cornwall we’ll always support our Cornish fishing industry. Many of our fishmongers are former Cornish fishermen as was our founder, Rob Wing so wherever possible we’ll provide you with Cornish seafood from smaller, Cornish day boats.



From the green credentials of our building to our delivery fleet to our packaging choices, we work hard to reduce our environmental impacts. 2021 will be the year you see all our packaging become recyclable too.  





We buy direct from fishermen at their early morning fish markets. We tend to buy our fish from the same boats because we know and trust their working practices, where they fish and how they keep their fish. Over the years we have built some special relationships with local fishermen who we trust to land great quality, sustainable fish.

To be truly sustainable a fishery must be well managed to ensure that fish stocks are not being over fished and all efforts should be made to minimize impact on the wider marine environment. Healthy marine ecosystems are incredibly productive and well managed fisheries are one of the most carbon efficient ways of providing protein.




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