Fishermen's Mission Charity fish box initiative - The Cornish Fishmonger

We are pleased to announce a charity initiative to support to the Fishermen’s Mission with a new donation scheme via our website.

Over the last few months, our industry has struggled to survive due to the collapse of export trade and the hospitality industry during the COVID 19 pandemic. Our local fishermen are now relying on fishmongers and direct sales for an income as routes to market for their daily catch land direct on UK doorsteps.

Thanks to the huge support of customers buying direct from fishmongers like us, some of our Cornish boats have been able to go to sea and still get a good price for their catch at the daily markets. However, the industry will take a long time to recover from this and people are losing their homes and their livelihoods; we need charities like the Fishermen’s Mission to be well funded so they can provide vital support to the fishermen who need it most. For every 20 portion Cornish Seafood Selection Box bought online we will donate £4 to the Fishermen’s Mission services here in Cornwall.

Regional Funding Manager for the Fishermen’s Mission Julian Waring says “at this distressing time for many in our industry, our charity is delighted to be involved in this new initiative with The Cornish Fishmonger, and huge thanks to Rob, his team and, the other fish merchants for their sterling efforts in keeping the supply chain going”.

Order your 20 portion Cornish Seafood Selection Box here and help us to help this fantastic charity!