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How to cook mussels

How to cook mussels

Once you have received your fresh mussels, the best way to store them is in the bottom/salad drawer of your refrigerator. 

We don't recommend freezing them. But if you do, it's best to cook them first and then freeze them.   

How to check your mussels before you cook them:

Our mussels are packaged in a unique way that reduces stress to the mussels whilst in transit and ensures maximum tenderness and freshness for you. Most mussel shells will be closed on arrival which is perfectly normal. We recommend you open the packaging and leave your mussels in the fresh air for 10 minutes before rinsing them in clean water (but make sure you don’t leave them to soak in water though). After rinsing, be sure to give any open shells a firm tap and check that the shell has closed within a few minutes. Alternatively, squeeze closed any that are open and they should keep themselves tightly shut. Discard any that don’t close after a good few minutes once you have tapped them (or opened if you squeezed them shut). Disdcard any with broken shells. Don’t worry, these packs are stocked with a little extra mussels to allow for the odd discard.

When you are ready to cook the mussels, start by removing any mud or barnacles that may be stuck to the shells. Do this easily by simply rubbing handfuls of the mussels under running water. Next pull out any of the straggly, hairy 'beards' attached to the shells. 

After cleaning, de-bearding and shell-checking, your mussels are ready to cook! Have a look at our three favourite mussel recipes of all time to get you started:

How to videos

How To Videos 

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