Fisherman catching Cornish Fishmonger lobster


With his father having fished Cornish waters for over 40 years, fishing runs in the blood for Dan. Having fished since he could walk, Dan has been a skipper himself for 9 years, catching Cornish lobster and crab on-board his families’ 32 foot, Cornish built fishing boat; Tizzardlee-on!

With lobster pots laid from 2 miles off Newquay harbour up to 20 miles out to sea, Dan will check around 250 pots hoping to land a little lobster or crab for the day.


The Cornwall Good Seafood Guide recommends Cornish lobster as sustainable, rating it a 3 on their sustainability scale. We also donate £1 to the National Lobster Hatchery for every lobster bought online as part of their 'Buy One Set One Free' scheme. This helps conserve future lobster populations. Thanks to sustainable fishing practices from fishermen like Dan and the good work of the National Lobster Hatchery, lobsters are on the increase here in Cornwall. They live very comfortably in rocks off both the south and north coast of Cornwall and being quite lazy, they don't tend to migrate much - which is why the stock enhancement programme run by the hatchery works so well.