Interior Decor Infused with Cornish Coastal Charm

Cornish interior designer, Susie Ray, spices up your living space with a distinctly coastal vibe.

From sleek ceramic dishes in vibrant colours to black-and-white seascape patterns printed on tea towels, Cornish designer Susie Ray mastered the art of infusing ordinary objects with the vibe from Cornish coast and wild life.

In order to follow the call of her inspiration, Susie decided to move back from London to her roots in Cornwall, where she further develops her coastal-inspired design.

It was like a walking into a coastal treasure trove when we visited Susie in her gallery on the north Cornwall coast, The Padstow Mussel Company. Here are a number of gems that we loved.

Among the collection of hand-made tableware, the mussel tea light holder will add a curvaceous element to a squared-off dinning table while lets soft candle light defusing into your living space in all directions to create a relaxing atmosphere. It would be a lovely touch to set the scene for a romantic dinner.

Show your hostess some love with one of Susie's stunning fish-rub tea towels when you got invited to a party next time. The original rubbings are made using a printing technique developed in Japan, which can retain the texture, proportions and details of the fish. The cotton tea towels are all hand signed and named, making them perfect for the drying up or hanging as a picture.

A bright white apron with various coastal-inspired designs on the front is ideal for home-lovers who enjoy cooking seafood. There are various prints and designs available for you to choose from (including seascapes, beachscapes, and life studies). To find your favourite one, visit the website of The Padstow Mussel Co.

Read Susie's blog for more decoration tips.