Buying king prawns

All king prawns delivered to you will be frozen; please place them in the freezer immediately as you receive them. As they are available in many different sizes and forms, please see below for specific instructions for each type of king prawns.

King prawns - raw head-on
Once defrosted, split the king prawns down the back taking care to keep the two halves together. Remove the small sack from the tail of the prawns and rinse them in cold water. Grey in colour, raw king prawns are available in three sizes: enormous (1 per portion), extra large (2-3 per portion) and large (4-5 per portion).

King prawns - raw peeled
Raw peeled king prawns are available individually quick frozen. Peeled king prawns should be defrosted before cooking; they are ideal for BBQs, pasta dishes or stir fries.

King prawns - cooked
These cooked prawns, also known as crevettes, are usually eaten "as they are" once defrosted. They make great salads and starters, especially when served with a favourite sauce or dip. Crevettes can be served whole or, ready shelled. Pink in colour, you can buy cooked peeled prawns, or they are also available with head-on in two sizes: extra large (2-4 per portion)and large (4-6per portion).

King prawns - in filo pastry, tempura and breadcrumbs
These are ready-to-cook king prawns. Available in three different tastes, in filo pastry, tempura batter or breadcrumbs, they can be cooked from frozen; full cooking instructions are printed on the packaging.

King prawns are generally understood to be large prawns, typically bigger than the sandwich prawns used in large quantities in the UK. The Cornish Fishmonger provides a selection of prawns with best quality and flavour. A wide range of prawns are offered for sale online with next day delivery nationwide.


Lettuce Wrap with king prawns
- Great fun to have as party food.

Prawn Cocktail
- Ultimate seafood starter.

Garlic & Butter King Prawns
- Simple but packed with great flavour.