How to prepare fresh fish

Most of the information about our fresh fish and seafood is included in the online shop. Take a look below at some of the ways we can prepare fish for you.

Fish Fillets - fresh cut from flat fish

We cut 2 fillets from a flat fish (plaice, lemon sole etc), this means you will have one fillet from the top side of the fish and another from underneath.

Fish Fillets - fresh cut from round fish

We cut two fillets from a round fish such as cod, haddock, bass, that's one from either side of the fish.

Fish Steaks

When we steak a fish, a salmon for instance, we cut across the fish so you have a cross section of the fish, with bone in the middle; some people call these cutlets.

Scaled & Gutted Whole Fish

This preparation makes the fish "oven ready". Whole fish such as sea bass or gilt head sea bream need to be gutted and have their scales removed. For instance to cook and serve a sea bass whole the fish will require scaling so you are left with the cleaned fish free from any scales and the gut removed.

Fish Portions - fresh cut from fish fillets

These are fish portions cut from very large fillets. We cut and divide the fish fillet so it gives number of smaller portions that are suitable for individual portions..

Scaled & Pinboned - fresh from fish fillets

We can remove the bones and scales from fresh fish fillets for you by de-scaling the skin side of the fillet and remove the small line of bones known as "pinbones". Fish pan fried skin down in a hot frying pan makers lovely crispy skin!

Skinned - fresh from fish fillets

This means as it says, some customers like the skin removed from their white fish fillets.