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Last week we were drumming up support for the Buy one, Stock one lobster scheme. We invited celebrity chef and restaurateur Mark Hix to join us at the National Lobster Hatchery with Dominic Boothroyd to see what it's all about. Mark's a prolific food writer and renowned chef, so we were keen to get his backing. Sustainability initiatives like Buy one, Stock one really work when everyone's involved from the end users like you, through to the chefs that cook with lobster, us who sell them, the fishermen that catch them and conservationists like Dominic who rear them. Suffice to say Mark loved it! We even sent him on his way with a box of baby lobsters to release off his boat. We're hatching a plan to work further with Mark so watch this space! Pictured left to right : Rob Wing, Mark Hix and Dominic Boothroyd
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