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Live Shellfish - The depuration process

Once your shellfish has been landed there is a depuration process (normally lasting between 24-48 hours) where the shellfish is tanked in a specific quantity of salt water. Pumps circulate the water, passing it over ultraviolet lights to kill and virus or bacteria which might be discharged by the shellfish.

This a tightly controlled by local health or port health officials and ensures live bivalves (oysters, clams, mussels) are safe and fit for human consumption.

As part of the traceability process, producers or wholesalers are required to note the date their process started. Shellfish are unaffected by this procedure, remaining alive and healthy.

The Cornish Fishmonger receives regular deliveries of shellfish and dispatches them to our customers overnight.

Store your shellfish in the bottom (or salad drawer) covered with a damp kitchen towel or paper.

We recommend, for the best eating experience, all shellfish are enjoyed as soon as possible, ideally within two days of receipt.

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