Bringing together the best of Cornwall

The Cornish Fishmonger prides itself on its heritage and location by the Cornish coast.

Sustainability is crucial in this industry and of paramount importance to Rob Wing, his team and his suppliers.

“We are committed to offering sustainable fish and best business practices, as well as building long-lasting relationships with our customers and fishermen. We buy daily from local fishermen. We know the name of the fishing boat, where the vessel has been fishing, what has been caught and when the catch was landed. We also know who filleted or prepared the fish, offering complete traceability!”

As well as providing the very best fish, caught fresh from the Cornish seas, The Cornish Fishmonger is fully committed to supporting local fishermen and working together with other local suppliers that complement their seafood, such as Cornish Sea Salt.

This unique Cornish business was founded in 2008 and is now an international-selling product, exporting to over 30 countries worldwide. Cornish Sea Salt uses a mixture of innovation and age-old traditional salt making techniques to produce pure, zingy sea salt, crystallised from the Cornish sea waters found off the Lizard Peninsula. “The geographical location on the beautiful Cornish coast provides a unique mineral profile that boasts over 60 vital minerals, making our sea salt as special as the county that we call home.”

The Cornish Fishmonger’s fresh seafood pairs perfectly with many Cornish Sea Salt products, offering a delicate blend of the salty Cornish sea. But a pinch of flavoured salts and seaweed seasonings can transform any dish into a real showstopper.

Cornish Sea Salt’s ‘Fresh & Zesty’, made with fresh lemon peel and lemon oil and a hint of garlic, onion and parsley, is perfect for salt-baked Cornish sea bass whilst their ‘Savoury Umami’ seaweed sea salt is a match for Salmon Ochazuke – an easy to make Japanese dish made with fresh Cornish salmon, offering essential vitamins and minerals.

Working together to offer the best of Cornwall, The Cornish Fishmonger and Cornish Sea Salt are both firm favourite’s of local Michelin-starred restaurants as well as being welcomed into the homes of aspiring chefs and culinary-minded individuals.