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Award-Winning Cornish Mussels


Use promo code MUSSELS20 when you place your order online and receive 1 kg of organic, blue Cornish mussels absolutely FREE.


Why we love them:

  • They are simply delicious but don't take our word for it, these organic blue Cornish mussels recently received the world renowned 3-Star Great Taste Award 2020
  • These are rope farmed mussels meaning they hang freely in the water column - gritty mussels are a thing of the past
  • Rope farmed mussels are sustainable!
  • They're also meatier! Shells on rope farmed mussels don't need to be as thick and hardy meaning there's more room inside the shell for meat
  • Β They arrive vacuum sealed for safety and freshness
  • Packs have 10% extra mussels in them - just in case the odd mussel shell is cracked and does not make cut onto your table

Top tip:

Before cooking your mussels, give them a good rinse in cold water then squeeze each mussel closed and leave on the side for 2 minutes. Discard any mussels that have not slightly reopened after 2 minutes and any with broken shells. Packs have 10% extra mussels in them to allow for a few discards.

  T&Cs: Offer valid from 28/09/2020 to 6/10/2020, no cash alternative and promo code must be applied online.
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