John Dory

John Dory
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£25.88 /portion or £25.88 / Fish

As a guide 1 fish feeds 1. £34.50/KG When the markets only have the smaller grade fish we will put in 2,3 or 4 fish to make up the 1 portion.

(each portion is roughly 750g before preparation, the method will effect the final weight you receive). 

Fish vary in size, the invoiced weight of your fish will be within + or - 10% of your ordered weight.

Yield indicators are an estimation.



John Dory or the 'St. Peter fish' as it is also known has a mottled green skin and is highly valued for its mild sweet flavour and succulent texture. This fish has a heavy bone structure; please be aware its yield is relatively low but the flavour is definitely high! If only the small grade of fish are on the markets that morning we will put in 2,3 or 4 small fish to make up the 1 portion.

Health & Nutrition

Health & Nutrition

John Dory is very low in fat and a great source of zinc, iron, selenium and iodine; which all help reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Zeus Faber
Origin: UK

Nutrition Information (per 100g portion)

Kcal: 90
Salt: 0mg

! Contains fish/fish products !





This 'niche' species should be considered along with Brill, Turbot and Halibut as one of the finest fish in the sea. Caught off south Cornwall, we buy our John Dory from both Newlyn & Plymouth.
Storage & Preparation

Storage & Preparation

Fresh fish is best eaten straight away, or within 3 days. Store in your refridgerator and pack with ice if possible. To freeze; place the fish straight in the freezer upon delivery and aim to consume within 3 months. TIP: Write the date on the packaging before freezing. Do not re-freeze your fish after defrosting.

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