Seasonal Seafood of the Month - Sardines

Sustainable and healthy, let us celebrate the Cornish Sardine this September.

Cornish sardines with garlic

Caught and landed locally at Newlyn, the humble sardine is found a plenty in our Cornish waters. Packed with a host of vitamins and rich in Omega3, sardines boast a range of health benefits and their soft bones allow them to be easily chewed and swallowed. Try mashing them up on buttery toast, place skywards in a ‘Stargazy pie’ or enjoy them fresh and soused.

Sardines can also be frozen but we recommend you do this upon delivery, being mindful that oily fish doesn’t freeze as well as white fish and so, must be enjoyed within two months.

Other fresh fish and shellfish in season

This month you can also enjoy:

Bream Hake Mackerel Crab Mussels
Megrim sole Monkfish Plaice    Scallops Oysters
Red mullet
Skate Clams Lobster  
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