Seasonal Seafood of the Month - Mussels

Cornwall is blessed with miles of coastline and beautiful beaches. Attached to almost all of the rocks are shiny black delicious Cornish mussels.

Cornish Mussels

These tasty shellfish are picked off the rocks, dredged and farmed in our river estuaries. It is not advisable to eat mussels straight from their habitat. Mussels purchased from The Cornish Fishmonger will have been through a tightly controlled process, monitored by the local health authority, to ensure they are in prime condition and ready to eat.

Mussels are the classic "R" in the month mollusc and are in that sense a winter and early spring shellfish.

There is almost no better value shellfish than the humble mussel, bursting with flavour. In our eyes the classic "Moulles frites" mussels and chips is the finest dish there is, where mussels are concerned.

Other fresh fish and shellfish in season

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