Seasonal Seafood of the Month - Megrim sole

Ask many people in Cornwall what a Megrim (or Megrim sole) is and they'll probably give you a blank look...

Recent surveys by Seafood Cornwall found that over 70% of the Cornish public did not know what a megrim was - confirming that for those in the know it is a well kept secret!

Despite being landed in abundance and being the most economically important species landed in Cornwall, Seafood Cornwall believe that Megrim is one of the most under-rated and least well known fish in the sea. There are many possible reasons for this: it could be the name (maybe it should be re-named a Cornish sole?); it could be its slightly strange appearance or it could be that it has soft flesh and needs to be handled with care - either way the most important thing that should overcome all of this is that it tastes great - a sweet tasting flatfish, which is slightly more subtle than Lemon sole.

Megrims are caught by trawlers working South and West of Newlyn. At present over 1000 tonnes of Megrim are landed into Cornish ports, particularly Newlyn, which has a reputation for being the UK's premier port in terms of this species. Once landed 90% of the fish landed are exported to customers in Spain who delight in the soft fleshed flavoursome fish.

The good news is that Megrim is beginning to catch on as a few of Cornwall's top fish restaurants are now serving megrim dishes. Most quality fish-mongers should also stock it but if they don't just ask and they should easily be able to get some.

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