Seasonal Seafood of the Month - Lemon sole

Lemon sole is truly one of those fish which we believe should be cooked very simply to enjoy its flavour.

Given the choice we would brush them with butter and grill them whole and then serve with a small squeeze of lemon and the perfect seasonal accompaniment of boiled Cornish ‘early' potatoes and Cornish butter. Of course if you don't like the thought of whole fish, Lemon sole is available as goujons or fillets.

For the un-initiated the Lemon Sole is a flatfish, which as the name suggests, is related to the better known (and more expensive) Dover Sole, although many fish- eaters would chose a Lemon sole over a Dover sole - but that's another debate. Needless to say it's a popular choice for cooking at home or eating out.

Lemon soles prefer to live on a sandy or muddy seabed and feed on small worms and other bottom living invertebrates. They are caught mostly by inshore ‘day-boat' trawlers working from ports like Mevagissey, Looe and Polperro. At their freshest the Lemon Sole has lovely markings and naturally slimy to touch - although this should be without odour or colour.

Lemon sole are also one of the many species of fish around the Cornish coast which are not subject to catch quotas and as a result they appear on the Marine Conservation Society's ‘fish to eat' list.

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