Seasonal Seafood of the Month - Plaice

This month's fish of the month - Plaice - is again one of those Cornish treasures to be savoured.

This lemon scented flat fish rivals lemon sole and megrim sole making it a firm favourite with chefs nationwide. While the taste of Plaice could be confused with these other ‘prime' fish there can be no mistaking the Plaice's appearance, which is one of the most visually striking flat fish caught in Cornish waters.

Plaice is one of the twenty or so species that are caught and landed on a regular basis by Cornish boats, but is more prevalent in the summer when they are caught by small boats all along the South Cornish Coast, as well as by larger trawlers.

Once on board the fish are carefully removed from the nets and immediately placed in ‘slush ice' to maintain quality, as if they are not looked after correctly the fish can spoil very quickly.

Other fresh fish and shellfish in season

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