Seasonal Shellfish of the Month - Spider Crab

This month's fish of the month is spider crab. - another of the less well-known, great value species caught and landed in Cornwall.

Monty Hall of BBC2's The Fisherman's Apprentice fame has championed the eating of lesser known species, such as spider crab, whiting, sardines and wrasse.  All around the Cornish coast our fisherman are landing great catches of spider crabs at this time of the year.

Almost every fishing harbour has its own local name for this spidery looking crustacean. St. Mawes, my local harbour calls them "Granfer Jenkins".  It appears a certain Mr Jenkins had a shape and gait somewhat similar to a spider crab - well, that's how the story goes anyway.

On a more serious note, the meat from a spider crab is known to be sweeter than its close relative the native brown crab and, it's cheaper too. Why not try spider crab linguini or serve as part of a hands on meal where all the family can share and enjoy this under valued tasty meat.


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