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Why top chefs use our fish

Why do the nations top chefs rate Cornish fish as amongst the finest seafood available - we explore the reasons why...

  Who do we supply? We are very pleased and proud to supply well respected celebrity chefs such as Nathan Outlaw, Rick Stein, Mark Hix, Mitch Tonks, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall as well as many other talented and exciting ones not quite so well known. What makes the difference? Cornish fresh fish and shellfish has a reputation second to none because of its flavour, sources, size, age, the list is endless. Much of the seafood landed in Cornish fishing ports ends up gracing the tables of London's finest eateries.

Fish has to taste good!

I'm sure we will all go along with that but, how do you guarantee flavour? It's all about where you buy from; do you want to eat ten day old fish when you can enjoy dayboat fish landed in Cornwall within twenty-four hours of being caught?

Reputation and traceability

Cornwall is surrounded by sea; there are almost hundreds of small coves and harbours, all with their own little micro fleets of day boats landing stunning quality fish that makes its way to the auction markets to be sold. We are required by law to be able to trace our fish and seafood back to the market it was purchased from. In almost all cases we know the name of the fishing boat and the skippers name as well and where he has been fishing. Labelling law requires us to label all Cornish fish with "NEA" being North East Atlantic.

A wider variety

Chefs are always looking to vary the seafood offered on their menus. Here in Cornwall we offer a huge range of top quality fresh fish and seafood; that's why the professional chef looks to Cornwall for seafood. Did you know that the Cornish fish market offers over thirty different species of fresh fish for sale on most days? When compared with many northern ports that sell no more than five or six on any one day, it is easy to understand why top chefs look to Cornwall for their fresh fish and seafood.


Chefs buy their fish from a supplier they trust to be their eyes on the fish markets. They use a source they trust to 'deliver' in all meanings of the word, order after order. Consistent quality, sustainably caught and fresh!            
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