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Top Tips for a Bank Holiday Barbecue Bonanza

Make the most of your barbecue this bank holiday! Here’s a handy guide to hosting your bank holiday bonanza in style - 5 tips and tricks to make your barbecue party truly memorable for your guests, and a breeze for you.

Top tip 1: Buy a barbecue box for a completely fuss-free evening

Most barbecues rely on meat as the main attraction, but sometimes on those baking hot days, we prefer a lighter, better-for-you option so why not try our barbecue fish box? To feed a crowd absolutely meat-free, fuss-free, and with relatively short cook times in comparison to traditional barbecues. Packed with four salmon fillet portions, two plaice steaks, a dozen fresh scallops, a box of head-on king prawns, and either 3 filleted mackerel, rainbow trout, herrings or sardines, our barbecue box will make cooking over the coals an easy dream, leaving you more time to enjoy the dusky summer evening and the company of good friends. Bon appetite!

Top tip 2: Prep, prep, prep for an easy clean up.

Lots of people find when they cook fish on the barbecue the skins stick to the grill and the fillets don't slide off, making presentation messy and everything else a nightmare to clean after. However, there are a few things you can do to stop this from being an issue. The first is to really make sure your grill is clean from debris and well-oiled before you add the fish, in addition to oiling the fish skins themselves before they go anywhere near hot charcoal. The second thing you can do to completely avoid sticking is to barbecue your fish on a bed of lemon slices or rosemary – this will also impart a wonderful flavour too, and is an excellent choice for whole-roasting larger fish like trout or sea bass. Thirdly, you can buy specialist equipment for your barbecue, such as wooden grilling planks, or Himalayan salt blocks, which you cook food on directly - making sure you’ll never have to scrub any grill ever again!

Top Tip no. 3: Either have a wide variety of little bits and bobs to go on the grill or do one simple main attraction to feed a crowd.

You don’t have to get too fancy here, but if you’re doing an evening meal on the barbecue, either have your guests load up on a stunning selection of smaller quick-cook items, or simply serve a spectacular centrepiece with lots complementary side dishes which balance the flavour profile of the main event. Choosing either option minimises work for you as the host: smaller items can come off the grill at roughly together with minimal hands-on time, while the centrepiece option will have a longer cook-time, meaning you can forget about it for a while to enjoy relaxing with friends. In either case, don’t worry about serving anything else hot except what’s come straight off the grill. It's less work for you, and if your guests are going to get a big plate of seafood, they won't be complaining either!

For a barbecue seafood selection option, you could mix and match some of our jumbo prawns, some marinated squid, some grilled whole sardines and some lovely fresh mackerel. You won’t need to do much to any of our seafood before it goes on the barbecue, but if you fancy it, marinate your prawns beforehand in lime juice, garlic, soy sauce and sesame oil for an Asian inspired taste explosion. Serve your fish feast with a simple green salad and some crusty bread, and perhaps some garlic mayo and a Salsa Verde if you’re feeling fancy.

For the spectacular centrepiece option, you could slowly barbecue a whole side of salmon on a bed of lemon, or if you’re really looking to impress, a big turbot, roasted over those white-hot coals and served whole at the table. Accompaniments for such a stunning main dish should be kept simple yet sophisticated, perhaps with some steamed samphire, boiled and buttered baby new potatoes, and barbecued asparagus, all sprinkled liberally with smoked Cornish sea salt to complement the outstanding flavour of your barbecued fish.

Top tip 4: Switch up your kebab game for a barbecue lunch

Out in the garden all day, or going to the beach for a spot of barbecue lunch? Rethink your idea of a kebab with some lovely Cornish fish! Try threading swordfish chunks, or thick hunks of monkfish tail onto soaked wooden skewers, alternating with cherry tomatoes and baby green peppers for a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Lightly brush with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt, and grill for a few minutes on each side, turning when you start to see those lovely black griddle marks on the fish. Eat straight off the skewers or slide into wraps along with some creamy white bean dip and some baby spinach for a simple alfresco lunch.

Top tip 5: for a real celebration BBQ, think lobsters and prawns.

If you’re wanting to host a memorable, intimate evening with a select group of family or friends, treat them to a BBQ shellfish feast, complete with lovely Cornish lobsters and a selection of prawns. All our lobsters arrive pre-cooked but split them down the middle and reheat on a very hot barbecue in a flash - complete with garlic and parsley butter brushed all over - for an exceptional eating experience. You could do the same thing to a batch of fresh langoustines too. Our jumbo prawns also take on the most wonderful flavour when barbecued, and they’re a fun way to serve a small crowd of your closest friends who’ll simply have to get involved with their hands; there’s just no other way! The only other thing you have to remember for hosting this sort of barbecue is to have oodles of chilled white wine at the ready.

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