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Seafood Ideas to Posh Up Your Picnic!

Whether you’re at the beach, in the park, or listening to the peaceful sound of a water along a quiet river bank, you want your picnic food to be just as good as the wonderful location you’ve found. So, forget soggy sandwiches – we’ve come up with some lovely food ideas to take give your picnic some posh pazazz.

1. Switch up the sandwiches with our award-winning smoked salmon

Instead of serving sandwiches you’ve slaved over in the kitchen, why not bring along a few fresh baguettes, some wild rocket and some of our oak smoked salmon, so your guests can do the hard work themselves. There’s something gorgeously rustic about tearing off a hefty chunk of baguette, slicing it open and filling it with folds of bright pink smoked fish, a sprinkle of peppery rocket and a smearing of cream cheese before sinking your teeth into all those lovely flavours and textures. Beats cheese and pickle any day, we think!

2. Make the salad the centrepiece with some fresh Cornish crab

Salads at picnics are never normally the star of the show, but by flaking some delicious, fresh Cornish crab over a mix of green leaves, pink grapefruit segments and some very thinly sliced fennel, you’ll have a beautiful salad that’ll blow your picnic pals away. If you’re travelling on a hot day in the car, you could keep the pre-prepared ingredients in a cool bag with some ice packs and assemble when you get there for maxiumum freshness.

3. Bring something different to the picnic rug with our smoked crevettes

You’ve got your olives, your mini quiches and your pork pies laid out looking lovely. But to really take your sharing platter of picnic nibbles to the next level, why not serve some of our award winning smoked crevettes alongside? They’re a great finger food for all, and impart a wonderful smoky flavour that will give a warm contrast with other elements of the platter. Plus their pink hue will look gorgeous too – and we know that presentation plays a key part in poshing up the picnic pazzaz!

4. Fishing for the best dips - try mackerel pate!

Houmous, tatziki, maybe a salsa for some stray tortilla chips floating around; whatever the theme, dips form an essential part of the picnic repitoire. But to add another contrastive burst of flavour, include some homemade smoked mackerel pate in your dipping vocabulary. In a food processor, simply whizz a few fillets of our oak-smoked mackerel with some cream cheese, some black pepper and plenty of lemon juice for a lovely pate that’ll be devoured as soon as it comes out of the hamper. Serve with melba toasts, sliced pitta, vegetable crudites or simply by the spoon! If you don’t have a food processer, you can make a slightly chunkier but equally delicious pate using just a fork and some good old fashioned elbow grease.

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