Smoked Haddock with Banana & Black Pudding

Smoked haddock with banana recipe

Smoked Haddock with Banana & Black Pudding
Recipe Type: RECIPE_TYPE
Cuisine: CUISINE
Author: Fish is the Dish
Prep time:
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Serves: 2
A curious but truly sublime flavour combination. A fresh tasty twist on a breakfast classic
  • 2 fillets of smoked haddock
    1 banana (peeled)
    2 slices of black pudding
    2 slices of bread
    2 eggs (whipped and seasoned)
    Milk (for poaching haddock)
  1. Heat the milk in a pan, once boiling add the fish, cover and turn off the heat.
  2. Soak the bread in the whipped eggs.
  3. Heat some oil in a frying pan and add the egg soaked bread, cut the banana in half on the diagonal and fry in the same pan as the bread, turn the bread and cook until golden on both sides, cook the banana until golden and soft.
  4. At the same time grill the sliced black pudding.
  5. Lay a slice of the cooked bread on a plate, top with a slice of the grilled black pudding, remove the poached smoked haddock from the milk, drain and lay on top of the black pudding, finish off with a piece of the cooked banana