Seafood Preparation

Preparing Fish - Videos


We have put together a few short videos showing you the journey of your fresh fish from Cornwall and how we prepare different types of fish, lobster and crab.   WATCH OUR SHORT VIDEO ON HOW WE CATCH AND SUPPLY FRESH CORNISH FISH DIRECT FROM THE QUAYSIDE TO YOUR DOOR >> If you have never been to Cornwall this short film will really help you understand why Cornish Fish is so different and how we can provide the very freshest fish to your door in just 24 hours.   HOW TO BUTTERFLY FILLET A MACKEREL >> Cornish Mackerel are delicious cooked whole but here is how you can fillet the whole fish into what is called a butterfly fillet.   HOW TO FILLET A CORNISH FLAT FISH >> Flat fish such as Lemon Sole, Megrim, Dover and Plaice can all be enjoyed whole but with some degree of skill and of course the right knife they can be fillet in a flash!   HOW TO PREPARE A COOKED CORNISH LOBSTER >> Chef Simon shows you how to tell if a Lobster is fresh and the best way to cut into the tough shell and get to the best bits of the Lobster.   HOW TO PREPARE AND PICK A COOKED CORNISH CRAB  >> Hand picking a crab can be a messy business, here at Wing's we hand pick hundreds of crab every week. Chef Simon tells you the best way to go about it and what parts of the crab you can eat.  
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