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Celebrated chef recommends megrim the Cornish sole

buy megrim, buy Cornish sole Extract from the Daily Mail: Writing for the Daily Mail, MARCO PIERRE WHITE suggests megrim also know as Cornish sole amongst his home-grown delicacies that are blocked by EU customs officers despite being adored on the Continent saying: "While fishing off the English South Coast recently, Marco Pierre White almost caught a large spider crab. I saw it rising to the surface and immediately thought: delicious. I lost it, sadly, but my excitement was extraordinary because you can rarely buy them." The celebrated chef also writes that: "megrum, sometimes called a fluke, Cornish sole or a megrim is a flatfish growing up to 60cm long. Several types of flatfish are caught in British waters: Dover sole, lemon sole, sand sole, dabs, flounder and plaice, but only Dover and lemon sole is popular in the UK.

Cornish fishermen are now planning to rename megrim as Cornish sole in hope of boosting sales.

Megrim is said to keep less well than other flatfish, so it’s best to buy it from short trip ‘day boats’ as European buyers do. It is popular in France and Spain, where about 95 per cent of Cornish megrim is sent."

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The chef recommendations for the best time for eating Cornish sole (megrim) is in the winter when the flesh is firm and that cooking it by grilling. When you can pierce the deeper part of the flesh with a cocktail stick  without resistance, your Cornish sole fish is cooked. Removing the skin is also easily done by running a knife around the edge. Marco recommends that: "lemon and butter or a beurre blanc sauce is perfect with megrim."

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