Sustainability - Ethical Sourcing

To ensure the best ethical sourcing practice, we buy our fish from many local sources, wherever possible we buy the best fish from inshore day boats. We are proud of our local fishermen who land fresh fish and shellfish and work using low impact fishing methods that preserve our marine environment wherever possible.

Sustainable fishing

Mackerel and sardines are caught within a mile or so of the coast using traditional methods of fishing, such as hook and line or ring netting. Other species are fished using different catching methods, such as traditional trawls, beam trawls or gill nets.

In last decade, a series of reforms have been introduced by the Cornish fishing industry. As a result of these innovations, fleet reductions in the order of 40% have reduced the environmental impact on stocks and other marine life. Now, almost all of our local fishing boats are members of the Seafish Industry Authorities 'Responsible Fishing Scheme'

Minimum landing sizes

We try always to select and purchase mature fish and seafood and not to take the cheaper, smaller sized fish. Quite apart from the legality issues of handling under sized fish we do not buy under sized fish from any source and actively try to purchase mature fish on all occasions.

We know our shellfish fishermen always hand-pick and measure each and every lobster or crab to ensure any undersized fish that have not reached the minimum landing size, are return to their native habitat alive.