Rob Appointed Trustee


Rob Wing is delighted to have been appointed as a trustee of The National Hatchery, an organisation that we have supported for several years now. The Cornish Fishmonger will bring 35 years of fishing experience to the board, and as Newlyn Harbour Commissioner, Rob is all too familiar with the works of busy fishing ports and the way they work. He is looking forward to getting stuck in and helping this brilliant charity carry out their work, benefitting the local community.

Of course as a company we are committed to ensuring a sustainable future for fish and the fishing industry, and have already worked closely with the National Lobster Hatchery since setting up the ‘Buy One Set One Free’ initiative. The aim of this is to give back money to the hatchery in Padstow, so that they can release baby lobsters back into the wild to help sustain vulnerable stocks. For every Cornish lobster bought from us, we donate 50p to the National Lobster Hatchery.

The charity continues its groundbreaking research with its team of doctors and technicians. They work to understand lobster populations and prevent them from becoming an endangered species, aiding sustainable fishing and wildlife preservation by continuing to release young lobsters back into Cornish waters.

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