EU ban on catching Sea Bass

A ban of landing sea bass has recently been put into place by the EU. This means that until the end of June, sea bass cannot be landed in the UK, Ireland and Northern France, with the aim to reduce the kiloage of bass landed by 46% and prevent a further decline in the species. From July to December, larger commercial trawlers will be limited to 1 tonne per month, while anglers will be limited to one bag per day. The ban is predominantly aimed at larger trawlers that specifically target bass as well as carrying out the most dangerous method of landing, using trawl or gill nets, an activity that none of our fishermen partake in.

While this means that we won't be able to deliver your fresh Cornish Bass for a while, we are proud that in Cornwall we have the largest landing size of bass in Europe, a testament to our proactive habits in managing fisheries sustainably. In the mean time, we’ve got some delicious alternatives to offer you - why not try our sea bream or farmed bass?