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"It’s been said before, and we’ll say it again - no other essential influence in our lives changes quite as much as the world of food and drink. Trends are tweaked and all manner of new dishes and even entire cuisines come along on a weekly basis - even the way in which we buy food and drink is a never ending river of change. 

Take the rise and rise of the subscription box as one very obvious example.  Five years ago we’d all heard of weekly veg’ box schemes and there were even a few meat-box opportunities doing the rounds - but now you can buy almost anything edible or quaffable out of a box and it comes all nice and ready to serve, right to your doorstep.

What’s not to like? As is the case with so many ‘new inventions’ it seems to be a matter of: why didn’t we do this before?

It was, of course, the Covid pandemic and its lockdowns which really set this ball in motion. Through necessity, we all began realising that just about everything and anything could be delivered to our homes, courtesy of an army of van drivers. There’ve also been huge strides forward in packaging techniques which have revolutionised the way perishable food can easily and safely survive a 24 hour delivery slot. 

Suddenly a whole new industry emerged, almost out of nothing...

...And one thing I’ve not had access to since the lockdowns began is fresh seafood. But The Cornish Fishmonger ( provides the ultimate answer… 

For the past 30 years, the family-run company has been supplying sustainable, top quality seafood to Michelin starred chefs and restaurants throughout the UK - but that operation was, of course, badly hit by the lockdowns.

Owner, Robert Clifford-Wing explained: “During the first lockdown we saw restaurant closures and empty supermarket shelves in the news. Ordering seafood online became the saving grace for many people, so we quickly scaled up our online seafood by post service.” 

Within weeks the home delivery customers had increased Rob’s sales figures fivefold. “In particular, we saw customer demand for a reliable monthly delivery increase and our monthly subscription service saw significant growth,” said Rob.

The subscription seafood boxes can be bespoke for each individual customer, but the most popular choice has been the Cornish 10 portion box, featuring a variety of the best fish and shellfish landings from that morning’s fish market.

It usually includes species such as scallops, mussels, line caught mackerel, Newlyn hake and Cornish sole,” Rob told me: “We love rewarding customers that choose to subscribe to our monthly seafood service with all sorts of goodies - so it’s great for them, and also for the fishermen who supply us. We tend to buy fish from the same boats we know and trust - over the years we’ve built some special relationships with local fishermen. Knowing we’ve got a regular monthly order from a set number of customers helps us commit to the amount we buy from those fishermen.



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