Bank Holiday Seafood

1.Seafood Charcuterie

Entertain with a seafood charcuterie for a relaxed gathering that's low effort but maximum impact. 

Smoked Cornish mackerel and beetroot canapes - spread a little crème fraiche over a rye cracker, add pickled beetroot (chopped into small pieces) on top and adorn with shredded smoked mackerel.

Lobster bites - our lobster comes pre-cooked and ready to eat (or re-heat). Perfect to mix with a saffron mayonnaise and pop on top a toasted sourdough slice or French bread stick.

Smoked salmon rolls - mix chives and lemon into crème cheese and wrap up your tasty bites in our Cornish smokehouse smoked salmon

Fresh oysters accompanied with a selection of lemon slices, caviar and tabasco make for a spectacular addition to your perfect platter.

2.On the grill

Entertain and impress with a chilled Doom Bar Cornish pale ale around your grill.

Sear your 21 day aged West country sirloin steaks for 2 mins on each side in a hot area of your BBQ, then cook it in a cooler area of your BBQ for an additional 3 mins (rare), 5 mins (med/rare), 8 mins plus (for medium to well done).

Our pre-cooked lobster comes pre split so just needs re-heating through for that BBQ chargrilled flavour. Add a little parsley to a knob of butter and pop it on the top of your lobster and BBQ for 5-8 mins (or until the meat is heated through).

Scallops - add a little butter or olive oil into the scallop shell and BBQ for 5 mins.


Smoked salmon or smoked haddock and cream cheese sandwiches

Lobster or crab fresh rolls – simple add a little lemon ketchup

Find our new (ready to eat) octopus salad, squid salad, anchovies in garlic oil and mixed seafood salad pots in our Cornish Larder - and all for under £10

4.Al fresco evening dining

Breaking bread and sharing food with great friends and loved ones – what could be better.

Here’s our Spanish paella recipe to enjoy with a pitcher of Sangria over your weekend

5.Laid back lunches

Picking Cornish King crab meat with friends over a crisp white wine makes for a great laid back lunch – just remember the napkins!  Our Newlyn landed Cornish King Crab comes pre-cooked and is perfect served with warm, fresh bread, butter and a side of fresh mayonnaise.  The claws are full of sweet white meat and make for a spectacular centrepiece.