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Hake & Chips Anyone?

Extract from Daily Mail article by Tom Pyman on 07/01/2021:

Traditional cod and chips used in Britain's favourite takeaway could be replaced with hake as experts claim it is more sustainable. Global warming is affecting the number of cod that can be caught, so fishermen and chip shops alike are hoping fish-lovers will make the transition towards the less-traditional battered delicacy.  Hake is starting to boom in popularity, after going out of favour in the 1990s due to overfishing. In 2015, Cornish hake became MSC-certified, and now 2,000 tonnes of hake are trawled every year. The UK fishing industry loves it as there is no risk of overfishing, so should be caught sustainably for years to come.  And experts say this is why it should become the go-to fish instead of cod.

Cornish fishmonger Rob Wing explained: 'Over recent years global warming has encouraged cod to move north in search of cooler climes.  This has put pressure when catching cod and forced a reduction in the catching quota. Cod is now not considered as sustainable as it once was. By contrast, the catching of hake in waters around Cornwall has grown in volume year on year for nearly two decades. In addition, a stock management system was introduced 20 years ago to ensure that this delicious fish can be enjoyed for many more years to come. Today, in Cornwall, there are several fishing boats catching superb, quality hake in the local area. Unlike cod, there is currently an abundance of hake in the south west with strong fishing quotas indicating the on-going sustainability of this fish species.

Ryan Davey and his family have fished off the Cornwall coast for generations. He is part of a seven-person crew on the boat Stelissa, based out of Newlyn, which primarily captures hake. He said: 'I used to see the small wooden boats go out. Seeing my uncle on a hake boat many years ago, pushed me really to carry on myself and I've worked my way up from the deck to the wheelhouse. There are generations of fishermen in our families and it's really important for future generations that the hake is fished sustainably....Read full article via the Daily Mail here  


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