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King Scallops Doz

King Scallops Doz

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Our large, juicy Cornish king scallops will be delivered ready to cook and are sold by the dozen (12) - which would provide around 2 - 3 portions. We have been sourcing Falmouth Bay scallops for more than 25 years, as we think they have the finest, sweetest flavour of all.

Our hand cut king scallops are landed each day from the famous British fish market (weather depending) - Looe. These fresh Cornish scallops are "shucked" overnight and delivered fresh each morning.

Scallops are more than 80% protein; one 3oz serving provides 20 grams of protein with just 95 calories. Scallops are also a great source of magnesium and potassium.

Fresh scallops have no particular season, therefore scallop prices and supplies in Britain are relatively stable when compared to other local shell fish species. However they are more plentiful in the calmer weather months as the fisherman is difficult to work in poor weather.

Please visit our seafood wholesale department for wholesale scallop prices.

Our king scallops will bake, grill, stir fry, pan fry and BBQ. Try spreading the fresh scallop with softened butter, sear/pan fry until golden brown on both sides. Serving with a Balsamic glaze and a simple salad.

Our fish is landed daily and comes in all different sizes - just as nature intended! Our prices are given in 'weight per kilo' and where possible we are able to offer a price per portion. We will do our best to get your order as close to the kilo weight as possible and always within a 20% variant to the size you choose.

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