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Fresh Oysters


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Fresh Oysters



Live shellfish has a limited shelf life, please enjoy as soon as possible, ideally on the day of delivery.

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The finest, freshest oysters delivered live in their shells.
Our oyster source is a closely guarded secret! Our exclusive provider produces the finest oysters around, with by far the best flavour and texture.
Due to a constant supply of different species of oysters across different oyster seasons, the price of oyster is relatively stable when compared with other kinds of fresh fish and shellfish available in our online seafood store. Follow the link to our oyster page to read more information on where oysters are from.

Where your oysters are from and how to prepare them for a home-style oyster bar. 

Open the fresh oysters a few minutes before eating, serve on crushed ice with lemon juice. Alternatively grill the oyster in the half shell with bacon and Parmesan cheese. We suggest that you allow 6 oysters per starter and more for a main dish. See our seafood recipes for more ideas of how to cook and serve oysters,

Recipes for oysters and fresh shellfish.

Our fish is landed daily and comes in all different sizes - just as nature intended! Our prices are given in 'weight per kilo' and where possible we are able to offer a price per portion. We will do our best to get your order as close to the kilo weight as possible and always within a 20% variant to the size you choose.

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