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Crab Meat White Hand Picked - 250g


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Crab Meat White Hand Picked - 250g



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Hand picked daily our fresh white Cornish crab claw meat is juicy, full of flavour and comes sealed in trays ready for you to enjoy. It also has a long shelf-life when kept fresh in the fridge. Our hand picked fresh white crab claw meat is delicious when served fresh with a squeeze of lemon in chunky granary bread crab sandwiches or in fresh crab cakes, lightly pan fried with lime, coriander and chillies.

For hundreds of years fishermen from almost every fishing port or cove in Cornwall have harvested crab from the crystal clear waters that surround the coast.  The crab fished from these waters is considered to be amongst the finest crab available. We buy our crabs from local fisherman Alan who works from the tiny harbour of Charlestown on the south Cornish coast.

We have fresh hand picked crab meat almost every day.  The season runs from mid April to late October.

There are endless uses for our fresh white crab claw meat. Fresh in crab sandwiches, use in fresh crab cakes or as an ingredient in your favourite fresh crab meat recipe. For more recipe and cooking ideas please see our crab recipe section available from the main menu. Learn more about Cornish Crab meat.

Watch our video on how to pick a crab>

Our fish is landed daily and comes in all different sizes - just as nature intended! Our prices are given in 'weight per kilo' and where possible we are able to offer a price per portion. We will do our best to get your order as close to the kilo weight as possible and always within a 20% variant to the size you choose.

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