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Tuna Loin Sashimi Grade


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Tuna Loin Sashimi Grade

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Product Summary:

If you require a specific number of portions from your loin of tuna, please specify the number in the "any other requirements" box

One kilo is approx. 6 portions
(a portion is roughly 150g before preparation)

£28.95/Kg OR £4.34/portion

We pride ourselves on sourcing only the finest tuna loins with deep red colour and clean flavour. We cut skinless and boneless loins weighing from 1 to 1.25 kilo in size, these will provide around 5 to 6 portions.

The finest yellowfin tuna comes from Shrilanka or the Maldives Islands. The tuna we source is selected by our agents and graded for quality; we only by the top grade of tuna.

Tuna is available for almost all of the year

Try roasting 'the joint' in a hot oven until rare; remove and allow to cool. Serve sliced very thinly with your favourite salsa.

Our fish is landed daily and comes in all different sizes - just as nature intended! Our prices are given in 'weight per kilo' and where possible we are able to offer a price per portion. We will do our best to get your order as close to the kilo weight as possible and always within a 20% variant to the size you choose.

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