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Megrim (Cornish) Sole

Megrim (Cornish) Sole

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Highly valued in Spain for it's wonderfully soft, tender flesh; megrim (or 'Cornish') sole is a highly underrated flat fish. Get the best out of this delicious by simply pan-frying with a squeeze of lemon.

The waters off Lands End and the Isles of Scilly provide superb quality megrim sole, it follows that Newlyn market is the 'mecca' for this underrated Cornish fish

Megrim or Cornish sole is available throughout the year and is a great fish to select as a year round addition to your shopping list.

Simply pan fried with a squeeze of lemon.

Our fish is landed daily and comes in all different sizes - just as nature intended! Our prices are given in 'weight per kilo' and where possible we are able to offer a price per portion. We will do our best to get your order as close to the kilo weight as possible and always within a 20% variant to the size you choose.

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