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Deep Fry Fish & Seafood

Fish has been deep fried in our country for years and years; mostly in batter. There are however other coatings that you can substitute, such as bread crumbs.
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Fish batter recipe

The best fish batter recipe ever! More

Salt & Pepper Squid

Calamari or squid in a salty crispy batter More

Ready made sauces

Just open, heat and pour over your fish More

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Blanchbait - 454g bag


Cod Fillet

From £4.24 per portion

Coley Fillets

From £2.49 per portion

Haddock Fillet

From £3.96 per portion


From £4.18 per portion

Pollock Fillets

From £3.63 per portion


From £5.50 per portion

Whitbait - 454g


Whiting Fillet

From £3.13 per portion

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