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Strawbridge & Sons Surf'n'Turf Gumbo An exclusive recipe straight from local foodie heroes & TV's 'Hungry Sailors', Dick and James Strawbridge Cockles in White Wine with Shallots & Basil A quick and easy shellfish recipe from Michelin starred chef Shaun Rankin Chilli Crab Linguine This simple and easy recipe is a great way to enjoy the sweet, delicate flavours of fresh Cornish crab. Classic Calamari One for your collection, this timeless calamari recipe is a classic way to cook squid Crab Ravioli An exquisite crab ravioli recipe from celebrated chef Richard Corrigan Cornish Crab with Pink Grapefruit Mayo Delicious Cornish crab with a zingy citrus mayonnaise - perfect for party nibbles The Ultimate Lobster Club Sandwich A sandwich to be reckoned with! The ultimate club sandwich features fresh lobster and zingy lemon mayo. Fishghetti! Nathan Outlaw's delicious seafood spaghetti recipe is perfect to get kids seafood savvy Avocado Yogurt Dressing A dressing with a zing. Wonderful for any fresh seafood salads. Scallop Ceviche Having friends over? You must try this refreshing and elegant dish. Baked Garlic & Parsley Mussels Ideal for light lunches and party appetizers. King Prawn Lettuce Wraps A fun to eat and easy to make tasty king prawn recipe. Potted Crab Meat with Martini A traditional Victorian starter that can be prepared in advance for dinners & parties. Christmas Salad with Sauteed Scallop This Xmas salad is served with cranberries, nuts, mandarin zest & sauteed scallops Thai Spicy Soup How to make delicious Thai style spicy seafood soup flavoured with fresh lime and lemon grass. Seafood Spring Rolls A Vietnamese snack made from fresh seafood, herbs and vegetables. Crab meat macaroni cheese Melted brie and fresh crab meat make this rich dish fit for special occasions. Crab Soup Chinese-style crab soup is a tasty seafood starter. Razor Clam and Monkfish Chowder A classic rich and creamy soup dish with razor clams and monkfish. Stuffed Squid or Calamari Succulent squid tubes stuffed with a mixture of spiced rice and bamboo shoots. Lobster Risotto Delicious lobster risotto cooked in a creamy white wine sauce. BBQ Scallops & Mackerel A delicious BBQ scallop and mackerel recipe perfect for parties and special occasions. Crab Cake Sliders Delicious mini crab cakes - great for parties and picnics on a sunny day. Lobster & Mango Salad A refreshing summer lobster recipe that combines exciting and tasty tropical flavours The Ultimate Prawn Cocktail A combination of great flavours and a hint of the past. Squid Ink Pasta with King Prawns and Fresh Herb Sauce If you love intricate flavours, then get ready to be pleased with this squid ink pasta recipe. Twice Baked Crab, Chilli and Lemongrass Soufflé Tasty, zesty, crab souffle - ideal as a starter or posh lunch dish! Seafood Risotto A tasty, satisfying dish & a great way to use up leftover seafood King prawns with garlic butter This dish is a great favourite with our family. Speedy, simple to prepare & delicious! Roasted clams with garlic sauce This delicious and versatile recipe will work perfectly with many different types of shellfish Seared Scallops with Pea Puree and Mint Oil A fresh tasting scallop recipe seasoned with salty bacon & sweet honey Garlic gratin Oysters A simple cooked oyster recipe bursting with flavour. Mussels with Cider & chorizo A great "al Iberian" mussel recipe, we hope you enjoy this exciting melange of flavours... Salt and pepper squid Tender Cornish squid deep fried with a crispy salt & pepper coating Linguine Vongole Originating in Venice, this dish is historically considered 'Peasant food' - we beg to differ! Lobster Mayonnaise The delicious, subtle flavours of lobster are brought to life in this tasty mayonnaise. Lobster newburg A classic lobster dish with double cream and sherry - seriously indulgent! Oysters with caviar Oysters with caviar - what more! Oysters Rockefeller Born in New Orleans, this hot oyster dish has been a firm favourite since 1899 Oysters Casino This is a classic oyster dish - perfect for diners that prefer their oysters cooked Seafood Paella Spain's national dish is a great way to feed a family and enjoy great tasty seafood. Lobster Thermidor Perhaps the most famous of all lobster recipes - definately one to cook at home and enjoy! Pasta ai Frutti di Mare The Italian name of this seafood pasta recipe is ‘pasta ai frutti di mare' - or ‘pasta with the fruits of the sea. Moulles Marinieres This absolute classic showcases great, fresh shellfish at it's simplest and best. An all time favourite.