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Fresh Fish - Provenance

Fresh Fish - Provenance

Sustainable Handlined  Mackerel

Sustainable Handlined Mackerel

Fresh Fish - Fresh Tastes

Fresh Fish - Fresh Tastes

High Quality Seafood

High Quality Seafood

Portioned - Packaged

Portioned - Packaged


Many of our customers ask us why they should buy their seafood fresh, when other companies offer fish ready frozen - take a look below at some of the questions raised by other fish lovers.

Provenance - How does this work with fish?

Did you know there are only four classifications for sea areas covering all the oceans of the world. A fish supplier is only obliged to quote one of these sea areas; to help clarify, all fish being landed anywhere in Europe will be classified as "NORTH EAST ATLANTIC", it could have been landed in southern Spain or northern Norway and you would, in most case not know which! 

We know the name of the fishing boat (in most cases we know the skippers name), where the vessel has been fishing, what he has caught and when the catch was landed. We can also tell you who filleted or prepared your fish - complete traceability!

Sustainable Sourcing - What does this mean?

We strive constantly to buy our seafood from sustainable sources, most of our seafood is purchased from within Cornwall.  When you buy frozen seafood, most of which comes via wholesalers, who buy from the global market, normally buying the cheapest lots and not always the best and freshest seafood.  We care about our fish and fishermen and will do everything within our power to preserve and strengthen our fishing communities.

Does fresh fish taste better than frozen?

We supply some of the nations top chefs; they insist on the finest seafood. To date all our chefs' insist on fresh fish and seafood - they know it tastes better!

How old can frozen fish be?

Our understanding is that most seafood will have a two year shelf life or, at the very least twelve months - how will you know how long your fish has been frozen!

How do I tell if frozen fish is good quality?

Sometimes with great difficulty as almost all of the tell tale signs have been removed.  When we assess fresh fish we look for, bright clear eyes, clear slime on a bright skin, firm flesh and most importantly of all - a smell of the sea!  It's a little difficult to check for these attributes at -20C!

Do you offer frozen fish?

Yes we do, however we keep it to an absolute minimum, for instance Prawns are almost always sold frozen.

Can you prepare frozen fish for me?

Not really, as to cut or portion we must first defrost the fish. Once defrosted fish should not be refrozen.  We can fillet and portion fresh fish to your requirements, leaving you with the choice of eating it fresh or home freezing.  Please note we recommend fish should be enjoyed within three months of freezing and ideally as soon as possible.

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