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Sea Fish Industry Authority

Sea Fish Industry Authority

Seafood Cornwall

Seafood Cornwall

Responsable Fishing Scheme

Responsable Fishing Scheme

Cornish Fishermen

At Wing of St. Mawes "The Cornish Fishmonger" we value our fishermen and their commitment to delivering fresh fish and seafood from a sustainable source on a daily basis.  We tend to buy our fish from the same boats when they land; we know their working practices and, where they fish and how they keep their fish.

The Cornish Fishmonger buys its fish, shellfish and seafood from many sources, including the three Cornish quayside fish markets, this includes Plymouth as lots of Cornish fish is landed and offered for sale from the port.

We also have special relationships with some fishermen who we get on really well with and, land great fish! See below for some specific information about these fishermen.

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Our Fishermen

The Steven's Family and The Crystal Sea SS118

David Stevens with his two sons operate a 20 meter modern trawler from Newlyn. Originating from St. Ives and a generational fishing family, "Boy David" and Alec are amongst the ports most successful skippers. Learn more.....



Peter Green and The Celestial Dawn UL2

Peter can trace his family back to Tudor times; almost all his ancestors have fished for a living. Peter fishes from St. Mawes and works the Celestial Dawn UL2, an under 10 meter inshore trawler. Learn more.....



Alan Fearless and The Flying Spray FY777

We buy most of our lobster, crab and spider crab from Alan who works an under 10 meter fishing boat from the famous micro port of Charlestown on the south coast of Cornwall.   Learn more.....


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