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Where to buy seafood in UK?

The Cornish Fishmonger provides the finest quality seafood for you to enjoy and, it’s delivered within 24 hours to your home.

Our online seafood shop specialises in the home delivery of fresh seafood of all types; please visit our Wing of St Mawes seafood wholesale website if you are looking for seafood suppliers for your fishmongers, or catering business.

All our fresh fish is purchased from the seafood markets of Newlyn, Looe, Plymouth and Brixham. All our seafood is carefully and expertly selected to guarantee you only receive the very best and freshest fish available.


As many people are already buying their grocery shopping online, we offer our online seafood shop to supply fish lovers across England, Scotland and Wales with the freshest seafood from Cornish waters.


Read some of the comments from some of our customers, many of whom are professional chefs.  Click on the following links.


Why celebrity and professional chefs use Cornish seafood >

Bath Ruby Team head chef commented on our seafood >

Other customer Comments >


Which seafood to buy?


Types of Seafood >

There is always a good selection of fresh fish and seafood to choose from, and where possible we encourage our customers to eat what's in season as well as their favourite fish. We also provide freshly frozen seafood from our online store. Buy seafood.....



Seasonality and weather changes the availability of seafood; we operate a "1 to 5" rating on our fish pages, where 5 is “readily availability” and 1 is “in short supply”. This rating is included within EVERY fish description and will help you to select the best fresh fish available



We buy the best quality fresh fish and seafood directly from local fishing boats. Learn more about our fishermen who make sure your seafood is caught in a sustainable way. Learn more.....


Through our "Buy on, stock one" scheme, every Cornish lobster offered for sale in our online shop will help to grow and maintain a sustainable lobster population in Cornwall. Learn more.....


Almost all of our fresh shellfish is sourced from sustainable fisheries within Cornish waters; it is really fresh when landed to us by local fishermen. Take a look at the range of sustainable shellfish for sale in our online shop.


Our Specialities

Our fresh smoked fish and shellfish is cured using our own special recipe. We naturally smoke all our fish; so no artificial additives or colourings! Slowly smoked over oak chippings in the traditional way, our customers say it's the best smoked fish they've ever tasted - we have even won some awards for it too!

Learn more about Cornish lobsters…..

Learn more about Cornish crab……


How to buy fish and what next?


Portion Size >

To order the right amount of seafood for your needs, see our suggestions on portion size. Read more about our suggestions for converting fish weights to portion sizes. Learn more.....


Pricing Policy >

Seafood comes in different shapes and sizes. Learn more about how your seafood will be weighed and charged. Learn more.....  


Free Gifts >

As a new customer and to say thank you for buying our seafood, we will send you a free gift. Learn more.....


Delivery >

For more information on our delivery services, amending or cancelling your delivery and delivery discount. Learn more.....


Customer Service

Please feel free to contact us if you for any question or feedback regarding your seafood orders.

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How to cook seafood?


Seafood Recipes >

Videos of Seafood Preparation Tutorials >

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