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Kids cooking

Kids cooking

Salmon Fillet

Salmon Fillet

Haddock Fillet

Haddock Fillet

Fish Pie Mix

Fish Pie Mix

King Prawns

King Prawns


Included in this fish box are five types of seafood that kids love to eat and are easy to cook. ALL FISH IS BONELESS and SKINLESS!

Fresh fish and seafood are on the list of healthy eating foods.  The government advises we should eat at least two portions of oily or white fish every week.  Research has concluded that eating fish as part of a healthy diet will help young people at all ages to strengthen immune systems and boost brain development.

In this selection, our fresh fish and seafood is carefully prepared, boneless and skinless. This selection is specially chosen for its nutritional value and great taste. Our selection will encourage your children to eat and enjoy more fresh fish.

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What's in this seafood box?

You will receive the following mix of boneless fresh fish and shellfish ready to eat or freeze.

Salmon - 3 portions

Fresh salmon is an oily fish that is naturally rich in Omega 3 & 6.  Pink in colour this flaky fish is perfect to poach, pan fry or grill - try serving it with mayo or make tasty fish cakes.

Haddock - 2 portions

Fresh haddock fillets are a white fish, high in natural gelatine with a mild flavour. Haddock fillets can be easily made into bite sized snacks or fish fingers for kids

King prawns - 908g pack - 4 portions

Cooked, peeled, de-veined king prawns make the perfect stir fry or tempura. Serve with rice or pasta, or use as a pizza topping.

Fish Pie Mix - 1kg pack - 4 portions

Our fresh seafood pie mix includes boneless white fish and salmon, this fish makes a perfect fish pie. Topped with fluffy potato and grated cheese, this dish can be made the day before and is a firm favourite with children.

Plaice - 2 portions

Fresh plaice filleted and boneless; this flat fish fillet will cook in a couple of minutes and makes a super "fast food supper".

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4 tips to encourage children to eat fish.

Boneless and fresh

As all our fish is boneless and ready to cook when it arrives at your home, all it needs is some seasoning and few minutes of cooking time.

Mild subtle flavours

Young people's palates are sensitive strong flavours. Serve them some fresh white fish that is tasty, moist and subtle in taste. King prawns also have a naturally sweet taste which is perfect for introducing children to seafood.


Bite-size pieces

Make the fresh fish into crunchy fish fingers, king prawn wraps or bite-size snacks; serving it with a bowl of dipping sauce, such as salsa or tartar sauce will make eating fish fun.


Easy recipes

The subtle flavour of our selected seafood goes well with most dishes, so adding fish into your main meal is easy. If children are able to help cooking seafood, they will be more likely to eat and enjoy it. So why not take a look at some easy seafood recipes and let them help in the kitchen?


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