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Fresh Cornish Crab

Fresh Cornish Crab

Dressed Crab

Dressed Crab

Crab Claws and Meat

Crab Claws and Meat

Crab Landing

Crab Landing

Crab Cake

Crab Cake


Where to buy crab from a sustainable source?

We make sure our customers buy crabs that are sustainably caught, hand sorted and graded for the best quality. It is our commitment to landing only larger crabs that has guaranteed the future of our fishery.

Cornwall has protected its crab stock by having a minimum landing size in excess of 500g, while other areas of the country have smaller minimum landing sizes, almost half Cornwall's. Any small crabs and those that won't make the grade are returned to the sea; this way there is no waste or discards.

Read more about our fishermen, sustainable policy , celebrity chefs, or start ordering fresh, live or dressed crabs on our online seafood shop.

How to cook crab?

Crab Preparation >>

Suggestions on how to cook and dress a crab.

Crab Cake Recipe >>

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Crab Meat Macaroni & Cheese Recipe >>

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Where to buy crabs that are fresh, cooked or dressed?

For hundreds of years fishermen from almost every fishing port or cove in Cornwall have harvested crab from the crystal clear waters that surround the Cornish coast.  These crabs are considered to be amongst the finest available in the UK. Buy crab from our online store and we can deliver live or cooked nationwide the next day.

Buy Crab – Live or Cooked >>
Whole Cornish Crab - deliver to your door steps live or cooked - you enjoy

Buy Crab –  Dressed 160g >>
Dressed Cornish crab in its shell - we cook prepare - you enjoy

Buy Crab Meat – Fresh White Meat 250g >>

Fresh Cornish white crab meat cooked and hand picked - you enjoy

Buy Crab Meat – Fresh White Meat 500g >>

Fresh Cornish white crab meat cooked and hand picked - you enjoy

Buy Crab Meat – Fresh Brown Meat 500g >>

Fresh Cornish brown crab meat - you enjoy

Buy Crab Claws >>
Fresh Cornish crab claws cooked - you crack and enjoy


Buy Spider Crab – Cooked >>
Whole Cornish Spider Crab - deliver to your door steps prepared - you enjoy



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