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BBQ Fish Selection Box

BBQ Fish Selection Box

Butterfly Mackerel

Butterfly Mackerel

Salmon Fillet Portions

Salmon Fillet Portions

Cornish Mussels

Cornish Mussels


Everyone has a slightly different perspective on how much a to allow for a portion of fish.  To help in deciding how much fish to purchase we have jotted down some rules of thumb to help you with this matter.

Flat fish - Lemon sole, plaice etc.

For 1 person, we suggest you allow a start weight of between 350 grams and 450 grams of whole fish, before any preparation, such as trimming or skinning.



Round Fish - Sea bass, gilt head sea bream etc.

As above the same weight bracket applies; 350 to 450 grams before preparation.



Fillet portions

Where a fillet of fish is supplied we recommend between 160 grams and 200 grams of finished (fully trimmed and scaled) weight.  This will vary a little; for instance plaice or lemon sole fillets will not need to be as heavy as cod or other white fish fillet portions.  Salmon portions will tend to be at the upper end of our recommended weight bracket.




For mussels we suggest 500grams of live weight in the shell as a portion enough for 1 person.  For scallops ready cut and cleaned we suggest three or four per portion.  A small lobster of 500 - 600 grams is ideal for a main course, as well as a 750 - 1000gram fish serving two easily. 



Smoked salmon

One 250 gram pack of our own home smoked and sliced salmon will feed four people for a starter.



White crab meat

One 250 gram pack of our own hand picked white crab meat will make three or four generous sandwiches.


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